highest expression

The human tongue is the most complex muscle system in your body . . . there’s a reason for this. This tongue contains seventeen separate muscle groups allowing your vocal anatomy to create the complex sounds of language . . . there’s a reason for this. The tongue and the heart are physically connected through meridians . . . there’s a reason for this. With your complex vocal anatomy, the human is the only animal able to utter a consonent . . . all other creatures are able to express with vowels. Vowels make all the sounds, consonants create the directions these sounds travel through . . . internally and externally. Vowels, consonants, sounds and directions are the roots of mantra . . . the vocal projection of your mind. The universe demonstrates extreme balance; the grand patterns at the highest levels of the cosmos — are equal to the personal patterns at your own level — are equal to smallest patterns at the quantum levels . . . bridges upon bridges upon bridges act as pathways of awareness, intelligence, understanding and connection. Sound naturally and equally affects all of these levels, music is a harmonious form of sound; language is a meaningful form of sound; mantra is an effective combination of sound, language and music. Our prayer is that the power of your voice, coupled with the science of your awareness, added to the song of your life, produces the mantras of your choice, to free your expression from the slavery of voicelessness . . . use your tongue . . . express yourself with your highest expression.