Evolve Your Own Consciousness

For humanity to prosper and thrive on this Earth, a second evolution is required — this is the evolution of consciousness. The first evolution was the evolution of physical forms; this was completed 5,000 years ago; there’s been a stagnation of human evolution ever since, within a pursuit of comfort. When a specie stagnates there are toxins that arise physically, emotionally and mentally. This is why the human being currently faces such diseases — look around — no other creature has this challenge. We are polluting the planet beyond belief — look around — no other creature has this issue. Psycho-emotional toxins are deeply rooted in the causes of corruption, aggression, neglect and greed . . . all running rampant and posing as normal in humans — no other creature has this. Clearing stagnation is an evolutionary mandate that needs immediate attention. This requires taking the risks that evolutionary efforts appear to have. Evolution doesn’t play it safe, evolution plays it accurately. Remember: there are many views of every moment — perception of risk is simply a comparison to “safety” — a standard held in the angles and perspectives of the beholder. ‘Safe’ has been described by ancient masters as, “a most dangerous place to live.” Risk with accuracy, on the other hand, is an invigorating environment to evolve with. Evolution is the risk with accuracy that uses environments to manage and navigate the tension, pressure, stress, and friction of nature . . . it draws people together around a common cause. Every living plant and creature is essential to this evolutionary equation, and therefore every extinction of any life, is a set-back to the evolution of all life. Our prayer is that you focus all efforts to evolve your own consciousness beyond the personal need for comfort; develop a sense of community with all life as a primary goal and serve this with your efforts; take care of each other as if it’s yourself . . . this formula will reduce stagnation, increase overall health, cause risk to appear as friendly, and guide life toward accuracy. This is evolution . . . it’s essential now . . . join up together.