the middle path

“Misery loves company,” but what is misery, a punishment, a tool? The only time you experience existence is when you are housed in a physical form — the body. Your physical body and world are held together by tension, pressure, stress and friction . . . all are required for physical existence to exist. Stimulation is required for movement to take place; when movement takes place, opposition is experienced; opposition produces misery, yet has potential, and potential is required before anything can actually occur. Misery is therefore a naturally occurring stimulation . . . a law of nature. When this tension, pressure, stress, and friction are being experienced as opposition — the opposition then compels you to act — to overcome it. As you exert to overcome its bonds, you experience a new opposition (for every action there is an equal reaction). This can go on and on and is why the Buddha said, “Existence is suffering” (is misery). There is a way to work with this misery however, this suffering the Buddha referred to has a way around it. Masters throughout time refer to this way as the ‘middle path’ . . . the path without extremes that can stop this pendulum’s manic swinging while living a productive life. First, know that there is always an opposition to every moment and every proposition — next, embrace them both (the moment and the opposition) equally — then move directly to the next step — don’t look back. When you achieve the next step, embrace the new opposition and take another step. When you achieve this new step, embrace the new opposition that comes with it and take a next step forward. Misery becomes a measurement of steps taken and nothing else — every opposition becomes your propellant . . . this is the way of a master; the balance of the positive and negative to create neutrality with achievement. Our prayer is that you are inclined to take the risk of practicing this middle path; to allow neutrality to unfold your life with balance and calm, for it is this path that arrives at your dreams coming true — not to be blocked by the constant laws of misery, suffering and opposition . . . they will always be there by natural law . . . use them.